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Reconnect | Conscious Movement Morning - August 11th

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At Aoife Mc Namara, we believe that everything starts from within, from a conscious mindset, from an understanding that we are connected to nature, we are nature, and exist in a state of Interbeing - the Interconnectedness of all things.

Our Conscious Movement Morning is the perfect way to Reconnect - an empowering experience wherein the mind, body and soul are nurtured, connected and inspired


  • Saturday, May 18th: Conscious Movement Morning with Shelly | @shellsyoga

Location:  Aoife’s Cottage, Blackabbey, Adare, Co. Limerick, V94 R85P



  • 10 am - 11.00 am 


Ticket Includes: 

  • 60-minute yoga class. 
  • €25 Aoife Mc Namara credit to spend on clothing in Aoife’s Cottage on the day. 

    Ticket Price:  


What to Expect:

In this 60 minute workshop you will be guided to explore our connection to nature through conscious movement and creative expression. 

The Sanskrit term 'advaita' or non-duality, is a teaching that our sense of separation from everyone and everything is a construct of the mind. The purpose of our practice is to go beyond the mind and realise that we are all one. We are all part of divine consciousness. There is no separation between all beings and all of nature. Just as we are part of the earth, the earth is also part of us. 

Through conscious movement, we will explore how prithvi, the earth element flows within the body. Using our yoga flow, we will bring balance to our earth element. Balancing our earth element can bring a sense of stability, keeping us grounded yet flexible. 

When we realise our interconnected one-ness, we are more likely to practice ahimsa - the principal of non violence within the yamas of the Yoga Sutras. Ahimsa inspires us to bring peace to all our interactions. We practice ahimsa when we practice asana and listen to our bodies mindfully, and when we consume consciously, being mindful of our impact on the planet. 

After the class, explore Aoife’s Cottage and the latest Aoife Mc Namara collections, with €25 Aoife Mc Namara voucher to spend on the day.  

What to wear: Wear any athletic wear you feel comfortable doing some light movement in. 

Suitability: This workshop is suitable for all bodies and all levels of ability. No prior artistic skill or experience is required. All art materials are provided. All we ask is for an open mind and willingness to embrace your natural and intuitive connection to your body and your creativity. If you have any specific injuries or conditions, please email us before the 

Cancellation Note:  As places are extremely limited, please let us know 48 hours in advance if you can't make it so that we can offer your place to another Aoife Mc Namara Community member. Refunds on cancellations less than 48 hours before the event cannot be guaranteed. 

Come along with family or friends and make some new ones from the Aoife Mc Namara Community. We can’t wait to meet you!