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Introducing our inaugural launch from Aoife McNamara Remagine, the Irish Made Cushion. This marks the beginning of our journey towards a more sustainable future, where we harness the power of recycled and repurposed materials to create lasting treasures for your home.

At Aoife McNamara Remagine, we believe in extending the lifecycle of the clothes we love. Our philosophy is simple yet profound: buy quality pieces, wear them as long as possible—and when you’re done with them, pass them on to someone else. This ethos now extends to our home decor collection, where every cushion embodies this principle of mindful consumption and thoughtful reuse.

With our Irish Made Cushion, not only do you adorn your living space with beauty and comfort, but you also embrace a lifestyle of conscious living. Each cushion becomes a symbol of sustainability, a testament to our dedication to reducing waste and preserving the planet for future generations.

Join us in this transformative journey as we pioneer a new era of responsible design. Let our Irish Made Cushion be the cornerstone of your sustainable home, where every purchase carries the promise of a brighter, greener tomorrow.


Size - 18' x 18'  

Handmade In Ireland.