Magic Earth Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao

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Are you busy all day giving out energy and finding yourself feeling depleted, unloved, or unsupported? With a dose of our unique Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao you will be able to find a deep sense of love, oneness and being supported by this Universe. Her soft and feminine energy, with a sweet and subtle finish, is perfect for those working on balancing the divine feminine and masculine energies within.

She is also amazing for:

  • Meditation

  • Deep heart healing

  • Love making

The Cacao “finca” (farm) is located at the edge of the Sacred Valley in Peru, where it meets the jungle, a sacred place of the ancient Incas.

It's grown, harvested, fermented, toasted and ground into paste by a local Quechuan family in honour of Quechuan tradition with the intention of their Cacao to be used for sacred purposes.

This Cacao comes direct from the family to Dublin, no middle man or government co-op skimming profits from the people.

You are deserving of sacred time to connect with yourself and by doing this, you become a better, mother, lover, friend, colleague....

 What is the difference between Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao

  • Grown in the land of her origin - Mexico, Central America and parts of South America

  • Processed by HAND by indigenous populations with a spiritual connection to the land and plant

  • Processed with the intention of Cacao being used for sacred purposes

Cacao (sometimes referred to as Pure Cacao or Organic Cacao)
  • Does NOT come from the land of the plant's origin...usually it comes from the Dominican Republic or another Carribbean country colonized by Europeans in the 17th century

  • Sometimes Processed by machine, sometimes by hand but only up to the point of peeling the Cacao beans...the beans are then sold to others to do the grinding and molding

  • Processed for the intention of global "chocolate" and confectionary market

How To Serve:

  1. Chop 25-50grams of Cacao (approx 4 tablespoons)

  2. Gently warm your water or milk of choice in a pan (do not let it boil).

  3. Add the Cacao shavings and heat until melted, stirring occasionally.

  4. Whisk to thicken it up. It is okay to use a little battery powered whisk but we do not suggest blenders as this is a sacred medicine.