Magic Earth Guatemalan Ceremonial Cacao

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If you’ve been feeling low energy, disconnected from your body & ability to express yourself, this Cacao will help bring the transformation you seek. You will feel a renewed life force energy within you and view life from a higher, loving perspective.

This Cacao, from Ruku'x'Ulew women's collective, is a higher energy medicine than the Magic Earth Peruvian Cacao - it's bold in flavour, less sweet, thick and creamy when made into a ceremonial drink.

Her energy is best for:

  • Movement

  • Connection with nature

  • Dancing

  • Deep singing/chanting

  • Andmany say it is great before a workout!

Pronounced "Ro-koosh Oo-lay-oo" it's 100% Mayan-owned and grown on a small indigenous family farm in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The sacred and medicinal energy of Cacao is preserved through traditional preparation, hand roasted over an open fire and ground into perfectly beautiful discs of paste

Each bean is hand peeled with the women putting all their heart energy into it.

Every purchase of this Cacao directly supports these indigenous Guatemalan families and the continuation of their artisanal craft.

Reignite that beautiful energy stored within you, so you can shine your light on this world.

 What is the difference between Ceremonial Cacao & Cacao?

Ceremonial Cacao

  • Grown in the land of her origin - Mexico, Central America and parts of South America

  • Processed by HAND by indigenous populations with a spiritual connection to the land and plant

  • Processed with the intention of Cacao being used for sacred purposes

Cacao (sometimes referred to as Pure Cacao or Organic Cacao)
  • Does NOT come from the land of the plant's origin...usually it comes from the Dominican Republic or another Carribbean country colonized by Europeans in the 17th century

  • Sometimes Processed by machine, sometimes by hand but only up to the point of peeling the Cacao beans...the beans are then sold to others to do the grinding and molding

  • Processed for the intention of global "chocolate" and confectionary market

How To Serve:

  1. Chop 25-50grams of Cacao (approx 4 tablespoons)

  2. Gently warm your water or milk of choice in a pan (do not let it boil).

  3. Add the Cacao shavings and heat until melted, stirring occasionally.

  4. Whisk to thicken it up. It is okay to use a little battery powered whisk but we do not suggest blenders as this is a sacred medicine.