Your Choice Matters

Your Choice Matters
October 15, 2017 Aoife McNamara

What Is Sustainable Fashion?

Sustainable fashion is probably a term that most of you don’t know the meaning of.. It is an eco friendly fashion choice which is better for the environment we live in. In a very short explanation it is clothing that is manufactured, marketed and used in the most sustainable manner possible, taking into account both environmental and socio-economic aspects.

…But why does this matter to you?? With the Fashion Industry being the second biggest case for pollution in the world it is important that everyone is aware of how they can help make their change even if it is in the slightest by introducing slow fashion more instead of fast fashion brands all the time…because every little helps!!

So…How can you bring sustainable fashion into your wardrobe? 

I am not saying that you should disregard Fast fashion( Primark, Zara,Bershka..ect)  from your life completely, but what I want to share is how to introduce slow fashion into your wardrobe and make yourself more concise of what you are buying for your wardrobe. For me its all about mixing fast and slow fashion together but slow fashion will always have 60% of my outfit.

  • Second Hand Clothing Stores/ Charity Shops.

Start looking into second hand clothing stores / charity shops, Theses shops are honestly a hidden gem in any town with buys from €5 or even less you can get a bargain buy for half the price as well as giving to charity and investing in recycled clothing all at the same time.

  • Vintage Shops

If you have been following my blog you will know I am OBSESSED with vintage clothing! Once again its investing in second hand clothing but it is more the designer end of recycled clothing. Very well looked after authentic pieces, that is one thing I love about vintage clothing no one else will have the same piece as you and they always have the WOW factor.

  • Quality Vs Quantity 

Would you prefer to walk out of a shop with 6 bags of Fast Fashion clothing that will last you all of 2 weeks before it looses its colour threads start breaking seams ripping? Or one bag of good quality clothing that will last for your children and generations to come?? It may be more expensive to buy but in the long run it will save you money as it will last a lot longer.

  • Upcycle 

Have a look in your parents, Aunty’s wardrobe. If you find the pieces are to big/small you can bring them into the Zip Yard in Limerick city where they alter ad fit your clothing for great prices.


– Hat / Primark

– Coat/ The Edge Vintage Store

-Jumper/ Primark

-Jeans/ NCBI Second Hand Clothing

-Boots/ Zara

-Earrings/ Vintage






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