Things To Do Summer NYC

Things To Do Summer NYC
July 18, 2017 Aoife McNamara

  1. Get the Row Boats In Central Park

Dont be fooled by the long queue it goes very quick. After head into The Load Boathouse  or The Tavern On The Green after two of my favourite spots to eat in Central Park.

2. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and chill at Dumbo

Brooklyn Bridge never gets old! The perfect tourist activity that doesn’t involve spending money and you can either get a hot dog/pizza slice/baguette there are lots of little cafes and seating areas.

3. Movie Night in Brookyn Bridge Park

There are lots of different locations Bryant Park / Hotel Hugo / Summer On The Hudson. But Brooklyn Bridge Park is my favourite… That View!!

4. Have a picnic in Central Park

The perfect relaxing afternoon my favourite spot is Sheep Meadow. ( Make sure to bring red cups of your driving as you will get fined.)

5. Kayake on the Hudson for free

There are lots of different locations for this, But 100% a must!….. & Free!!


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