Talking NYC.

Talking NYC.
March 7, 2017 Aoife McNamara

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// Coat / ZARA //Dress/ ASOS // Heels // ZARA // Bag / Prada // Jewellery // Michael Kors //

Thinking Summer already?? It may not quite be the summer weather just yet. But with only 4 weeks to go until Im off to NYC. (Which is crazy to think!!)  I need to start thinking a rise in temperature, as I pack my suitcase. Which I haven’t exactly gotten around to yet haha but I know once I get my mini collection done in college (3 weeks) I will have a lot more time.

One thing I can remember clearly about being in New York last year was the humidity. Wow I’m not joking when I say it was like a sauna in the underground!! No joke. But at least I’m starting in April so I will have time to ease myself into the climate.

What I have to prepare before I go? A few of you have been asking me this question. At the moment I am still waiting on my American Internship Visa as I went with an American company CICD it takes that bit longer but is a lot better value. I have my embassy meeting which is held in Dublin at the end of this month and after that gets approved it takes 5 working days then I will be off.  I would definitely recommend starting the application process earlier if you can. In full it takes 3- 4 weeks after you get sponsored by a company and they send you out your DS-2019 Form.

But do not worry I will be doing a full blog post on how to prepare for NYC and the embassy once I get there. Make sure if you have any questions about my whole experience be sure to pm me or comment below. 🙂


I am looking forward to sharing my adventure with you,

Thank you for reading. 


Mucho Love,



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