Full Moon Fire Ceremony and guided meditation journey with Karin Müller - Solaris Tea - February 25th

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What's it all about:

Join us for a nourishing afternoon of sharing, letting go and setting intentions for the budding spring. 
Connect and Ground with a beautiful warm herbal beverage, share around the full moon fire and wrap up with a deeply relaxing guided meditation journey.

Full moons are powerful times allowing us to release what no longer serves, re-connect to our dreams and to celebrate our inner knowing.
Fire ceremonies have been used in many native traditions as a powerful vehicle to cleanse, release and ignite our passions.

This full moon fire ceremony is in the energy of the Ash Full Moon, also called also called Snow Full Moon and aligned with the star sign Virgo. The Ash tree or 'Fuinseog' in the Celtic tradition is aligned with the Ogham letter 'N' Nuín. It allows us to connect to our inner mastery, wisdom, growth and power. It's connected to the elements fire and water. Allowing us to purify and bring more fluidity and flexibility into our lives as we move forward courageously to manifest our dreams.
When: Sunday 25th February
What time: 4.00-18.30pm
Where: Aoife's Cottage, Adare, Co Limerick, V94 R85P
To bring:

Note book/ paper and pencil, colours
Warm, weather proof clothing for outside
Cosy, comfortable clothing for inside
Keep cup or similar suitable container for herbal beverage
Soft shawl or blanket
Yoga mat/ sheep skin/ similar

Karin Müller is passionate about re-connecting to our own inner wisdom, power and passion. She is a Medical herbalist (BSc Hons), practising Midwife and Modern day Shamaness (medicine of light school) who has been teaching about women's and womb health, empowerment, mindfulness and herbs for over 20 years now. She is co-owner of Solaris Tea with her husband Jörg.