Best Brunch Soho NYC

Best Brunch Soho NYC
August 3, 2017 Aoife McNamara

SoHo is the prettiest neighbourhood I know located in lower Manhattan. It is know for its famous shopping street Broadway and many designer boutiques. Marc Jacobs is also located in the heart of SoHo and I have grown to love it here!! Maybe spending a tad to much of my money on the food in the area but trust me once you come here you will understand.

So If you are on the search for the prefect cutest brunch spot while you are in NYC SoHo is the spot go!! My list could go on forever and if your were to just walk around the streets you will 100% stumble across a hidden gem. But my favourites are.


Links to all Brunch Locations NYC.

Sweetgreen – Salad Obsessed this is your spot!!

Jacks Wife Freda – 244 Lafayette Street (Renowned!!)

Epistrophy – 200 Mott Street (Very Cute.)

Oficina 1 M – 371 Broome Street

Lucky Been NYC – 252 Broome Street (Lots Of Deals on Insta!)

The Butchers Daughter – 19 Kenmore Street (Vegetarian)

The Egg Shop– 151 Elizabeth Street ( Hungover Brunch )

By Chloe – Yummy Salads!!

Happy Brunching!!

Aoife X

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  1. Foodtravelworld 4 years ago

    Nice post!! NYC is the best city to have breakfast and brunch!!! Here is a list of our fav spots! Enjoy 🙂

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