My Role Livid Magazine

My Role Livid Magazine
July 13, 2017 Aoife McNamara

// Top / Topshop // Shorts / Levis // Belt / YSL // Bag / Marc Jacobs //

// Shoes / Vans // Socks / Happy Socks//

Hello Hello… I honestly do not know how it is Thursday already ??  My time here is going way to fast I just want to put it into slow mo haha..The fear of ‘The DREAM’ being over and starting back into my final year in college is all just to crazy to even try and register into my head.. so I am juts not even going to start thinking about that just yet. I still have two months of freedom..epp!

I have recently had a few questions on my internship with Livid Magazine. As some of you may know I work 4 days a week in Marc Jacobs which leaves me with one day spare for myself, so at the start of my time here I decided to take on a second internship with Livid Magazine.

My role in the magazine is a Fashion Journalist covering social media/ Events / and writing which varies in articles depending on that months theme for that issue.( My first written piece will be out in the next week which will be insane to see on paper!)

It has been an amazing experience getting to meet and greet so many talented people along the way. That is one thing you will never be able to get anywhere else in the world a room bursting with passion, dreams and aspirations… its infectious! Everyone is trying to make it and they will always have a story to tell and a contact to give you. Which is exactly how I got this internship by talking and asking a lot of questions! Something to never be afraid of one can never ask to many questions!! Thats my little trick… If you don’t ask you won’t receive!


Love From New York,





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