How To Style Vintage

How To Style Vintage
October 26, 2017 Aoife McNamara



Currently writing my final year Thesis I am reading and researching a lot about slow fashion and how important it is in the society we live in today. Buying Vintage pieces anytime I am looking for a new outfit is one way in how I try and contribute to the world of slow fashion that we live in today.Why don’t you try it the next time you are on the search for a new outfit/top/dress?

…Every little thing that you do will always make a difference!

Inspired from the forties fashions, with strong lines and a double breasted suit jacket matched with a rustic brown high waisted suit pants bringing in my waist line. Then bringing it into a contemporary spec with my white adidas runners and a plain white shirt.


For me I always allow my vintage piece do the talking in the outfit then match that with either white or black. Thats definitely my biggest piece of advice when wearing vintage pieces. Simplicity is key!

Captured By – Katie Boner


Jacket – Oxfam Ireland

Pants- My Mums Wardrobe

Shirt- Zara

Shoes- Adidas

Bag – Holidays Market



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