How I Got To NYC Visa, Internship, Accommodation.

How I Got To NYC Visa, Internship, Accommodation.
May 2, 2017 Aoife McNamara



WOW… New York it is just crazy over here you are continuously on the go. Before work, after work there is not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Which is what I love about NYC. Your always going somehwhere different meeting new people trying new things the list is endless… and its only the start of my fourth week. ( Which has absolutely flown!!)


During the week I asked you through my snapchat ( indieirishblog) What you wanted to here about.

‘How I My Got my Visa Internship and Accommodation’ was by far the most requested.


How I Got My Internship? 

So starting with my Internship At Marc Jacobs.

Coming to New York has been a dream of mine for years. In my course as a third year Fashion Design Student at LSAD, one of the main areas my college is renowned for in Ireland is the Internship program. Where students get to travel abroad for 3 months or more as part of our college credits, going to Paris, Berlin , London, New York LSAD has a good name in the industry world wide.

I know I have mentioned how I applied for my internship in my latest post ‘My Dream Internship‘ but I’m going to run over the main points again.

What exactly I had when I applied.

  • My own online Portfolio. (All my Design Work)
  • Portfolio Case to bring to interview. (Including All Design Work)
  • Work Professionally photographed ( Coat, Jeans..All Garments)
  • Resume (CV)
  • An email of why they should pick me. (Showing them how passionate I am about the position)

Where I applied.


My Accommodation?

Finding good accommodation in NYC is 100% the hardest thing about moving here. As I was moving to New York alone I found the perfect accommodation to start me off for the first month.

The Webster Apartments.

I found this accommodation through Marc Jacobs. Located on 34th street it is in the centre of Manhattan with the Empire state building at your doorstep it is honestly the perfect Start to your  living in the city.

What I love about the accommodation..

  • Centre Of Manhattan
  • Meals Included ( 2 a day)
  • High Security
  • Perfect Room Size

This accommodation is only for Women who are in business (Internship or business exchange). But I would 100% recommend it for your first month in the city to find your feet.


Getting My Visa?

As we only start applying in February for our internships its a bit tight sorting the whole Visa out. But it will all work out you just need to be VERY organised.

So I went with an American company CICD as it worked out that bit cheaper then an Irish Company. On the Exchange Visitor (J1) .

Tips For applying for a Visa.

  • Research ( Get as many quotes as you can from different companies)
  • Get Organised! ( Keep EVERY document in a folder.)
  • Be persistent. Emailing nearly every day.




//Jacket / The Edge Vintage // Levis Jeans / L Train Vintage // Laptop Case / Marc By Marc Jacobs//

//Shoes / Vans //Socks / Happy Socks //

Thank you for reading!

Let me know if you have any questions Id be happy to help. 🙂


Much Love,



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