Chasing Dreams ft Boohoo

Chasing Dreams ft Boohoo
February 21, 2017 Aoife McNamara

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//Shop Our Boohoo Style//

Aoife// Cold Shoulder Hoodie // Cycling Shorts //

Niamh // Overhead Jumper // Sweat Joggers //

I told you we would be back… Myself and Niamh from (Love Life Blog) have teamed up for a very fun sports luxe/street style shoot with Boohoo has a very distinctive edge to their brand which I adore, a fresh urban street style mixed with lots of fun pieces which fits in perfectly with our style. Once again myself and Niamh didn’t pick our outfits to match, similar to our last shoot (Twin’in Vintage) but instead embraced our own personal style and then mixed our styles together. Totally contrasting but still blending.

Why I love teaming up with Niamh is not only because we have a lot of fun shooting and have very similar approaches to fashion, but it is also because of her passion and zest for life. We both definitely fit under the same category of being ‘Dreamers’  but I love that about a person. I feel you should always have a dream that you are not afraid to go for or afraid of what people think and we are both definitely chasing ours!!

For me ..Life is a game that you only get one shot at and I have great respect for anyone who is out there chasing the win.

Who knows what the future awaits for us but I know we will give it our all.


 I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did.


Mucho Love.




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