Being an Intern NYC

Being an Intern NYC
September 13, 2017 Aoife McNamara

Being an Intern in New York is something I have been asked a lot about lately. It was by far one of the most valuable experiences I have gotten in the industry and would reccomenned it to anyone!

So what do you do as a fashion intern?

Being an intern can vary from day to day whether you are running around Manhattan sourcing fabrics or embroidering onto a sample piece, the task always changes. I remember one day I was  hand stitching onto Missy Elliots jacket and the next I was refilling the paper cups in the kitchen. One thing we were thought before we went on placement is to never think that you are too good to do anything whether its cleaning out the bathroom or getting coffee,  Never say no. ( Unless you have to do it daily!)

How did you get more intern experience when you were in NYC ?

Be curious!! New York is the city of opportunity and I couldn’t believe how much there actually was available to me. I emailed everyone I wanted to work with on my days off, Whether it was for a stylists or magazines on a big or small scale, every experience will stand to you and you never know what  might happen when one door opens!! One experience that really stood out for me was when I got to style my own shoot at the very end of August it was an INSANE experience! That I would have never have got if I didn’t email all the random stylists at the very start. Your contacts are everything in this industry so keep them close, and never leave on bad terms.

What advice would I give to anyone wanting to move?

Dont be scared! Take it on with open arms and embrace every moment.. Make it count!! Because at the end of the day you only get one shot at it and if you are determined enough to get to NYC you will make it happen and not care what anyone thinks. Whether its saving up for a full two years and moving with no internship. If you are that determine it will come through straight away and you will find a job no problem!! Have a strong portfolio and cover letter that you can alter to the designer or job role that you are going for. A quote that I always remind myself is..

'Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do!!'



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