June 13, 2017 Aoife McNamara

Trying to get the right balance in a daily routine can be difficult. Especially when majority of your day is spent working, trying to work around theses hours is hard and it takes a bit of weaving everything into what works best for you.

I had found one thing that starts my day in a very positive way is exercising. I know it isn’t the easiest thing to get up for but after a few weeks of doing it, it will get easier and very enjoyable. For me the only way to actually get this done from my personal experience is to join a gym which has classes in the morning, this will also push you to your full limits in the morning…and the money is also coming out of your bank account every month so you will have to get your moneys worth.. if your a poor student like me.

What to wear… Every find yourself running late or stressing out in the mornings when you can’t choose an outfit, Nothing looks good, Nothing fits. Daily styling can be very difficult and is one thing that can set me late for work in the mornings!! Especially since I have moved. New York always means your trying to mix dressing for work, the summer heat (unbearable humidity), the summer air con (freezing!!) and dressing for the evening. Whether its an event or meeting friends after work you will always find your running from one thing to the next. For me having  the right balance in your look can be very hard to do,  But I am getting there.

Usually starting my day off in the gym.  I would prepare the night before. Always thinking comfort first as I am always running around a lot throughout the day from 9am-5.30pm comfy flats are always on my feet. Working your outfit around one main item is something I always find helps.

If you follow me on my snapchat account indieirishblog you will have seen me quickly getting change in the bathroom studio and running to an event either with LIVID Magazine, with my blog or meeting friends there is always something happening that you don’t want to miss. But some times you have to learn to pick and choose what to go to otherwise you end up loosing the run of your routine, and that is very east happen over here and in any other big city. Set out your dairy on a Sunday evening and fill in what you want to achieve, book your classes for the gym  and fill in a mini schedule for each day.


Balancing is all about figuring out what suits you personally not what others are doing, Be sure to listen to yourself and learn for your mistakes.I hope this little roundup of small tips and tricks that I use daily help you out in some way!!

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// Coat / ZARA // Top / ASOS // Jeans / ZARA // Shoes / Marc Jacobs // Bag / Marc Jacobs //

//Glasses/ Ray-bans // Watch / Daniel Wellington // Rings / Marc Jacobs//

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Love From NYC. 




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