Applying To Fashion Design LSAD

Applying To Fashion Design LSAD
October 3, 2017 Aoife McNamara


Its funny writing this as a Final year student and seeing how my perception as an art college student has change enormously since I was a 18 year old girl. Coming into art college I thought it was a load of ‘hippies’ which is horrible to say but its true and I think peoples whole idea of having to be a ‘hippie’ to go to art college has change but not 100% just yet. Especially now a days as it has gotten way more common to study Design or Art. So if you are like me when I was applying and think your not going to fit in… Wipe them thoughts from your head straight away!!

I think that is one thing that is very important to know about art college, Never judge a book by its cover and expecially being in the fashion industry you are going to meet the craziest looking people, as we are all quite experimental with our wardrobes in this industry.. But its one thing you will learn quickly!


What Is The Course?

It is a BA Honours Level 8 Fashion Design 4 year course. Being listed in the Top 50 Fashion Schools and Programs across the globe its one amazing resource we have here in Limerick that a lot of people don’t know about.


How do you apply to Fashion Design in LSAD??


  1. Portfolio


Well for all art college courses you have to present a portfolio…’The Dreaded Portfolio!!’  Some people create their portfolio throughout 5th and  6th year in school and others take a year out after school and do a PLC. I did mine throughout 5th and 6th year, which is what I would recommend doing if you knew exactly what you wanted to do. But you also get to try out everything in first year so you will still have time to decide. Also MAKE SURE you start your portfolio in 5th year, I think I could have even started mine 4th year summer… But it was definitely one of the best things I did as there is so much to cover. If you are on the search for a portfolio Teacher in Limerick I went go to Breege Cameron in Kilmartins she’s AMAZING and so so helpful!!I went to her for the 2 years.

What does a portfolio consist of ?

– Everything you need in your portfolio is attached in this LSAD Portfolio Link.

Applying To LSAD

What Are The Perks of Studying at LSAD?

Interning….The best experience of my studies so far!! As some of you may know I went to Marc Jacobs In New York for 5 months and absolutely loved it!

Do You Get To Choose Where You Go Interning.. How Does It Work?

Yes!! You build your portfolio throughout 3rd year and you apply to whoever and how ever many places you want. It is all down to you. The college does not give you contacts or names you have to find everything yourself. Which is actually what I love because its exactly like the real industry where you will have to venturing on your own.

What Jobs Come Out Of This Course? 

Graduates travel all over the world in different areas of fashion.


Fashion Journalism
Costume Design
Forecasters And Trend Consultants
Accessory design

I hope I have answered all your questions in this post. But be sure to message me if you want to know anything else. 🙂 Or you can check out LSAD- Art & Design.






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