5 Simples Steps To Live Greener.

5 Simples Steps To Live Greener.
March 2, 2018 Aoife McNamara

1.Buying a re-useable water bottle.  

As our planets waste problem is now so severe that 300 million tons of plastic is created every year, half of which is for single use and the majority ending up in landfill and our oceans.  Having a re-usable water bottle is one step towards helping the environmental plastic waste problem. Instead of buying a water bottle that you are going to throw in the bin after one use have a re usable bottle with you daily. ( I got mine in T.K.MAXX brand BINO)

2.Buying a re-useable Coffee  Cup.  

Buying coffee in stores is one thing a lot of us do everyday.

The paper cups that are used when we ‘take away’ coffee are slowly building up and polluting the environment. Let not the word ‘paper’ (cup) fool you that it’s not as harmful as its plastic counterpart. To some extent, most paper coffee cups are coated with a petroleum based plastic resin which makes them more durable and prevents coffee from leaking. To add on to the environmental effects of paper coffee cups, the ink that is used to produce custom coffee cups does not bode well for our environment either.  When selecting your coffee ensure that the café is using biodegradable coffee cups that are lined with a plant based material not a petroleum based plastic or bring your own coffee cup. shop here

3.Think Before You Buy.

It is said we have four times the amount of clothes in our wardrobe compared to our parents. Do you actually need that many clothes?? Do you even wear or see half of them? While shopping you need to ask yourself do I actually need this dress that you will only wear once. Can you barrow one of your friends instead or even swap with your friends?

4. Have your own shopping bag.

Having five new shopping bags when you get in the door at home all to be thrown straight into the bin is one very easily resolved problem. Have a bag that you always bring shopping that you can resume or if you forget, get a large bag in the first shop and use the same one while you are shopping. It may seem like a very small issue but you just have to remember every little makes a difference.

5. Shopping in Vintage/Second hand stores.

My Favourite and of course the one I love the most are not only getting amazing bargains, reusing clothes and saving clothes to be sent to landfills, but also getting a garment that is unique and that no one else will have.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.




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