Texture lAYER.

Texture lAYER.
September 22, 2016 Aoife McNamara










Hello Hello!! Hope you are having some fun this week. I myself, am straight back into an intense college project after the summer break and the deadline is Monday, so the pressure is on in the 3rd year fashion department. But I will always make time to get out and take some snaps. Embracing college style and layering for AW in this post. Hope you enjoy 🙂


For this look its all about layering and having fun with different textures, starting with my first layer, which is my white jeans,  matched with an oversized cropped jumper perfect for college.

College…A lot of people hate dressing for college and I have often heard some of my friends say ‘I wish we still had our uniform’ , which I hate to hear, because I’m all about embracing your personality/mood through your style. One thing I have noticed in colleges out side of art college, is a lot of people find it hard to embrace their style, thinking they have to stay safe and simple. NO! Try something different, Fresh!

What makes your style your own? Well, What makes this look my own is by adding that layer of colour and how our eye creates its own unique palette with different patterns and shades.What you think goes may not necessarily be what someone else likes and thats unique.

Pretty green tull…I picked up this dress up from Zara and fell in love! Perfect for bringing together and adding some fun to your look!

Finishing off the top layer with a fresh take on old school adding in a kick of Leopard print, Which is a hugh trend this AW! and its Vintage ….yum!



Shop The Look

Gathered Tull Dress – ZARA

White Jeans- Topshop

Glitter Socks – Topshop

Jumper- Found similar type 🙂

Leopard Print Vintage – The Edge

Hat – ZARA

Thanks for reading!

Hope you picked up some tips 🙂

and have fun its only fabric..



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