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Setting ‘That’ Goal!

Setting ‘That’ Goal!
September 28, 2016 Aoife McNamara

Quest is a company that I have always followed around the world through their social media, from the USA to Abu Dhabi to Killarney Co. Kerry. One thing I find hard is following through with my goals in fitness, adventure racing being a goal of mine for years and then hopefully moving onto triathlons. Adventure racing for me is the perfect way to start your fitness journey and actually be able to enjoy it! As well as getting to view the most renowned sights all over the world. Ireland being one of there most popular locations. Fitness is one thing I love doing and enjoy and I am definitely not a gym bunny in fact, I actually hate the gym , the idea of running on a tread mill indoors while looking around the room at a load of people sweating actually makes me anxious, but thats just me… I  love the outdoors and experiencing new routes and adventures and always will. Thats exactly why I love everything quest stands for.




The Race.. I will be taking part in Quest Killarney this Saturday the 1st of October. The race is split up into 4 stages being 27km in full,

Stage 1 -we start with an 11km cycle from the Gleneagle Hotel out and around Muckross House in Killarney National Park. Were I remember there being stunning views of the lakes of Killarney.

Stage 2- Is a 1.5km kayak around Muckross lake.

Stage 3- The hard part… Where I honestly thought I was going to die the last day (haha slight over exaggeration).. Its an 8km run which doesn’t sound that bad but running up the famous ‘Cardiac Steps’ to the top of Torc waterfall is no joke! But its all worth it when you get to various points along the trail (where you can take a break) and take in the breath taking panoramic views across Killarney National Park, the Lakes of Killarney. Lets hope my training has paid off this time.

Stage 4 – To finish the race its a short 6km cycle back in past Muckross House and Gardens, Ireland’s largest Oak forest , and home to the finish!




Let me know if your taking part in Quest Killarney this Saturday, and I might see you at the starting line! Looking forward to the race and I will have lost of posts up through my snapchat (indieirishblog) and Instagram (That Indie Irish Blog) throughout the weekend be sure to have a look.



Hope you enjoyed this post, and set yourself your own ‘GOAL’ with quest and join me for my next  adventure race. Check out Quest Adventure Series for more detail.

Aoife X 


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