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Just Keep’Layerin

Just Keep’Layerin
August 16, 2016 Aoife McNamara

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Helloii !!

Hope your having a good week and enjoying the  beautiful sunshine today! Lets hope we keep it for a few weeks, especially with the last festival of the summer coming up.  Electric Picnic is only a few weeks away now, So I have decided to put together a festival inspired look.  Popping into my favourite spot for some vintage bits at ‘The Edge’! I picked up some amazing autumn shaded silks creating that dropped oversized look, which I used in contrasted with the light denim, as well as adding black under shorts making that frayed denim edge stand out that bit more. I also always find that shorts are always way to short especially for a festival where your running around the place and the last thing you want is you’re ‘derrière’ hanging out, so I always put my running shorts inside them, it also adds extra edge to any look!

                                                                                                                Moving onto my top half , Its all about layering… layer layer layer!! Festivals are always going to be cold in Ireland. Realistically which I have learned the hard way, so make sure to start light with either a bra let or bodysuit and work your way out. The bra let I’m wearing is from Primark and at a price of €8 you can’t go far wrong! They have made this a key festival buy with also being black, Which is easy to style.. Love!!

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                                                                                                               Shoooes !! The most important thing you will bring with you (other then a rain Jacket) .. I would normally bring two pairs, One for the night time and one for the day, so a pair of wellies or hiking  type boots.  Then either my Black Converses or Nike Air for the day.. Just keep it simple and bring black they will go with everything and won’t look as dirty!!

                                                                                                           Hope you enjoy the festival if your heading and the sunshine which will hold out! #staypositive 🙂

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Jacket & Blouse – The Edge 

Bralet Guns N’Roses – Primark 

Shorts – Zara

(sold out but I have attached a similar pair )

Under Shorts – Nike Power Epic

Shoes – Nike Black Air Force

Socks – Nike Training

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Much Love 🙂 

Aoife . X 



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