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How Do I Balance College/Work/Life?

How Do I Balance College/Work/Life?
October 12, 2016 Aoife McNamara








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One question I am constantly getting asked is.. How do you do it all? Where do you get the time? How do you have the energy?… I am certainly not saying that I am 100% balancing everything in my life but everything comes in time and perseverance.

With being a full time Fashion Design student , working as a hairstylist with my sisters , Blogging, Training and working with Limerick Live 95fm part time. I think the most important thing about this list is that I would never call one of them work. For me if I have ever hated a job as much as looking at the clock and asking how long more can I stick this torture, I would be out of there straight away.  I am all for working for an experience but only to a certain extent, There are plenty of jobs out there in your area of interest if you are determined and willing to work hard to get it…and Yes while being in college. I know where I want to be and thats one thing you always have to ask yourself .. Is what I’m doing right now getting me to closer where I want to be? …Is it?

How Do I Balance College/Work/Life?


Fall To Prepare, Prepare To Fail … Have you every heard that saying from your parents numerous times.. But I couldn’t agree anymore! One thing I always do is plan ahead. Keeping a diary is the perfect way to do this , For me I have had a diary since I was in 4th year in school,  which I obsess over and would be 100% be lost without it.What goes into my diary? Everything… From College deadlines,  Work  hours, gym class timetable as well as notes of my To Do List. Nearly everyday I will have a To Do List broken up into different sections such as College / Personal / This Week .. (What works for me – Always start with the one you are dreading and work down to your favourite)

For Example.. When I have a very busy day ahead , I would have my college bags packed at the door beside my gym bag with what I’m wearing out and ready to go for the morning. Its all the small things that makes a huge difference especially in the morning when your half asleep.. haha speaking for myself here.

Balancing is one thing I have certainly not mastered to any extent and am probably very guilty for spending to much time on certain aspects of college work and life that I am better at, which I definitely have to work on. But its not going to improve if you don’t start.


How/ Where To Get Energy?


Exercising ..Exercise is one big thing that definitely gives me energy and stops me from getting sluggish and tired throughout my day. I have only really noticed this since mid march,  when I started to be more consistent with my exercise and training between  3-4 times a week. It doesn’t happen over night but I found the best way to stay consistent within exercising is by joining a gym which has daily classes and work your schedule into it. Then the guilt factor kicks in if the money is coming out of your account and its for no  reason. Think of it as a monthly investment.

Eating .. I by no means at all am a clean eater , But one thing I do not do is get heavy meals during the day which leave you feeling tired and ready for the bed. Keep it with small portions and often. With smoothies/ Breakfast bars/Caffeine when it comes to cram time.

For finishing off this topic of ‘How do I balance my College / Work/ Life’. If you follow me on my snapchat (indieirishblog) you will know I am a big fan of Gary Vee. Being motivated is definitely a huge aspect of my life and reading and watching Gary Vaynerchuk is definitely one way I keep motivated, and would 100% reccomened getting one of he’s books if your looking for a new read.

I hope you enjoyed this topic something a bit different, which I would love to share more of!

Let me know what you think?

Thanks for reading.

Aoife x



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