‘2017’ I Have A Good Feeling About You!

‘2017’ I Have A Good Feeling About You!
January 4, 2017 Aoife McNamara
365 new days 365 new chances ... 
2017 I have a good feeling about you.






This is definitely the first year I have actually felt the pinch of going back into work again. Being in my 3rd year of studying Fashion Design its definitely not the easiest of courses out there. Starting back we are straight into our assessments so the stress is on!

Looking at 2017 not knowing where it will take me.. But knowing that I can control the direction. I have made my top 3 list of the goals in which I want to achieve..

  1. Eating Healthier – The same as majority of people in the new year, Especially after the Christmas coma I have been in with food !! This doesn’t mean I am going to go on a crazy diet or strict eating plan. But I want to be aware of the nutrients I’m putting into my body and to start exploring new healthier options. Ways in which will I hope will help me start will be the cooking classes in Hook & Ladder located in Limerick – New Year New Me If your like me and need to little bit of motivation. I also invested in Rosanna Davison Cook Book. I would highly Reccomenned this, very simple and easy recipes.
  2. Getting Organised – Starting to plan my days a lot more, Time Management.  At the end of last year I attended on of Retro Flames workshops in cork and one thing she said she always does is allocation times throughout her day, So say you start with college work from 9-11 in the morning and then blogging from 11.15-12.15 and so on. She said she was very strict with this and didn’t go over her time slots. I love this idea and its definitely something I will be trying. Another thing is getting organised the night before having everything ready to go your outfit, college bag , gym bag what ever it is you need. It will take half the stress off you and hopefully avoid running late.
  3. More Adventures Planning weekends aways with friends, going on more day trips and traveling Ireland. This is one thing I will always make time for, even if I should not. I have learned the hard way in life you should never take anything for granted. Make time for those who matter and show that to them because life is too short for holding a grudge or loosing someone that really matters to you. When I was in 4th year in secondary school I went on a trip called Kairos it was a hand on emotional and physical healing weekend away. But one of the most important things they recommend to do after that weekend was write letters to thoses who matter to you in life, With its a long or short letter outlining why they matter or even if your talking about funny times thats all it needs to be. Yes I know this sounds gay and oh my god very cringe. But it was one of the best things I have ever done on a personal level. Since I wrote to my friends and family I have grown a stronger bond and friendship with them. Yes I know its not the coolest thing but trust me that person will never forget that letter and it really does mean a lot to one.


After sharing my top 3 goals for 2017, I want you to make your own goals for  2017. Remember a year from now you would have wished you started today. Not saying it will be easy but I know it will be worth it.



Happy New Year!

& Thank You for reading..

Much Love,

Aoife. X


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